Invent a new word and scrawl it on the footpath.

Create a peace banner and hang it on my chest.

Write ‘left’ on one foot, and ‘go’ on the other.

Stand by, waiting patiently for the aftermath.


Spend my only life as an artisan scratching

scrimshaw into bones of frames for scaffolds

for masterpieces. Pray for patent protection, or an afterlife

and, wait for the plan’s inevitable hatching.


Sledge stone, incise, align.  With ten thousand other

slaves I join this chorus with the sky. Climb past breath

until with babble spit collapse I am revolting

with the very stench of hope


that someone will take care of me.

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This poem invites the reader to think 
and introspect and it's quite a powerful
piece, evokes many feelings and 
elicits sympathy ultimately, enjoyed this
strong piece Cassy,

Kind rgs

Hello IIan, thanks for your thoughtful reply; I'm glad you like it!

Hi Cassy,

I really like this poem of yours. Especially the first sentence in the second paragraph. I feel like that sometimes.


Thanks Amanda, I sure hope your hard work is reaping rewards for you.




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