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Hey aspiring reviewers (and old hands too) we've got some books on offer to be reviewed.

Books for Review
(Ones struck out above have already been claimed.)
  • Toby Fitch Everyday Static
  • Johanna Featherstone Felt
  • Peter Skrzynecki Red Trees
  • Thomas Shapcott Parts of Us
  • John Tranter Starlight
  • Dorothy Porter Love Poems
  • Grant Caldwell Glass Clouds
  • Tatjana Lukic la,la,la
  • Petra White the simplified world
  • David Musgrave Phantom Limb
  • Phillip Hammial Wig Hat On
  • Phillip Hammial Drink from the Animal
  • Jennifer Maiden Pirate Rain
  • Judith Beveridge Storm and Honey
  • Kate Middleton Fire Season
  • Adam Aitken Eighth Habitation
  • Kevin Hart Young Rain
  • Bronwyn Lea The Other Way Out

What you need to do

  1. Get in touch with our review editor via and we'll send you the book you'd like to review.
  2. Write your review (around 300 to 500 words).
  3. Post it on the site.
It's that easy.

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