I want a boy with a real big heart and silicone parts

I want a boy who likes amphetamines and feta cheese, climbs trees, and puts me on my knees

I want a boy who likes Vietnamese noodles and has four aquamarine poodles
I want to lick his rubber nipples while he feeds our puppies kibbles

I want a boy who will sip tea (pinky up) while he rides me (pinky up)

I want a boy who does the double ended, suspended, while we're feeling up our best friends

I want a boy who wears stilettos and looks good
I want a boy from the ghetto who keeps it super hood

I want to travel the high seas with a Pisces wearing Nikes while he bites me

I want a boy who wears polar bear fur.

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You know, I just really hope people get what it is they're after in life (regardless of their wants being classified as "good" or "bad"). I think that both "good" and "bad" are completely necessary, and I think (and I'm sure you can agree) there are a lot of situations where the two are intertwined. You can't help what you want (going after what you want can be another story). "Liking" amphetamines doesn't necessarily make someone not normal (depending on how "normal" is defined in a particular context), but it definitely does make them not as healthy as they could be. I personally feel that a person should not be summarised and filed into the category of "Idiot" because of a facet of that person's taste; especially when there are so, so many things that a person is made up of. Of course, agreeing or disagreeing is pretty irrelevant to me/you. The actual point of this poem is clearly not about drug use. The poem is to express my yearning for someone entertaining (by what it is I consider to be entertaining). Oh, and I think that poetry should promote whatever it is you want it to promote.

Keep writing V..........

I've an "I want"  poem, but I chopped the 'I want' 

Thanks Andy, I'll check it out!

Hey Vivian, very Dr Seuzz ... I love the imagery. You paint a great picture and I grasp a sense of allegorical themes here. I want to see more of this type of writing which breaks through convention. Well done. Cheers

Thank you!
Thank you!


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