Mr. Rabbit he was out of luck, he tried and tried but could find no work
Feeling sad he starts to weep, he has no money, no place to sleep
Just then the clever fox passed by and said Mr. Rabbit why do you cry?
Come stay with me and pay no rent, for I heard you say, your monies spent
My house is warm and buried from the sun, and far away from the farmer’s gun
There are vegetables for you to eat; as well I know that you do not eat meat
I will give you sweets for all the little bunnies
It will make them laugh and they will give you money.
You will bring it back and with you I will share, we will live together without any cares
So Mr. Rabbit goes and sells his sweets from the river’s edge to dusty streets
But soon the bunnies start to die and Mr. Rabbit he wonders why
That night while fox he slept, Mr. Rabbit looked in the fox’s chest
Then he saw as he looked in, the chest was full of heroin
Filled with rage he took a knife, that night he ended the fox’s life
In the morning he would run, and take a blast form the farmer’s gun
Mr. Rabbit died with just one shot, and ended up in the farmers pot
As for dinner he was served, you could say they both got what they deserved.

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