REDNECKS NEXT DOOR  ©JewelRainbow2009

A flash of torchlight through the window pierces the tropical night

A neighbour’s voice outside stage-whispers to his nearby wife:

“That’s disgusting,” he spits, staunching the light in his fist as I wake you.

Some say we’re strange bedfellows, you and me,

Your rainforest darkness dancing on my moonlight skin

They can’t fathom the feeling between us

“What does she see in him?”

Their love is blind to any colour but white

Their love is a whiter shade of pale comparison

To the depth and complexion of our affection

They think you're no good, less than human

But I know you could never be less than them

Because you are so much more

Than those rednecks next door

They’re only here to take what they find

Raping your land with their mines

They’re just there for the money, honey, and the good times

They give nothing back to country

But their small-minded hate

For them it’s too late

For they will never change,

Yet they think we’re strange.

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