Smell that my boy, the rains are in the air

The air’s so thick, I can cut it with my knife

Dunno how much more we can all bear

We’ll need to harvest our crops by night


There’s a sailor’s warning from Brisbane to Toowoomba

If those skies give way, these banks will breach

so let’s go boy, get in the car

‘cause this mongrel sky looks bleak


Those heavy black sacks have opened wide

so these river banks won’t hold this time

‘cause there’s an evil rising tide

that’ll swallow these towns in no time


Over there boy, there’s a raging tsunami in town!

and those rapids are sweeping that car.  But wait….

there are people trapped and about to drown!

They’re screaming for help! – No….. we’re too late!


I can’t believe it boy, 21 dead in a blink of an eye

most didn’t know they were going to drown

from an evil that was once benign

This disaster has decimated our towns



Steve G - Copyright © Jan 2012

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I hope this is not revisited this year in Queensland.


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