Could Tug Dumbly be the first Australian poet to bring down a government?

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We probably need a bit more information to comment on that lively prospect.


What's the relationship between Tug, the pokies and the government?

here's the ad

i'm not a fan of pokies but Tug's gotta eat

For those who want to watch it here...

This ad is, frankly, a disappointment. The intro promises a "quick flutter down the pokies", but Tug and Brucie haven't been propped in front of the almighty Wheel of Wealth in the Million Dollar Lounge of the Oxford Tavern – and that, in my view, is a missed opportunity to double-up the message.
A certain tv ad campaign payrolled by the clubs against Andrew Wilkie's pokie reforms. I tip a federal election by October.

Ah ok – I haven't been able to find any of the ads online – just out of interest is Mr Dumbly speaking for or against the proposed pokies legislation?

UPDATE: Ad now found!


You could say that Tug was not Tug, but playing the role of Mug Punter. He's a professional actor so needs to make a living. I can say that if the Labour Party and the Greens had been able to afford to run their campaign for mining taxes and pokie reform, then Tug would have accepted a role. I guess he can't afford to pick and choose, and I don't know his political views. Who knows, Tug might be a real conservative!

Jeez Adam! You have just got the reply in 3 days shy of a year since I posted it! I think this thing has run its course through Crikey, etc., but I will elaborate now that Andrew Wilkie has seen politics for what it is. I was, of course, passing comment more on the fresh anomaly of a minority government in a proportional-representation system such as ours than Tug's personal politics. I know him all too well but still have no idea of his leanings except to say he keeps an ear out for hypocrites as we all should. 


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