On a Bus Running Late and Bound For Bankstown Station

On a bus running late n bound for Bankstown station


During post graduation

In primary education

On a bus running late n bound for Bankstown station


My peaceful meditations

Upon Dickens’ Expectations

Are sharply shattered by some stranger’s telecommunications


It starts with a vibration

A ring tone infiltration

And soon becomes an onslaught of a high pitched dissertation


And so my situation

Hearing half a conversation

Drains me of my patience and becomes a damn fixation


N’ in case you need persuasion

About this awful provocation

Of her cell phone ramblings I’ll give a brief translation


She’s just been on vacation

To some discount destination

And an aviation coupon used with her boyfriend Jason


Now Jason, he’s half Asian

And had a minor complication

Bringing boozy bottles back through those gates of immigration


Prompting deep investigation

Into duty free taxation

Revealing Jason didn’t claim the Bailey’s on his declaration


Which led to confiscation

To solve the situation

Much to Jason’s bitterness and discombobulation


Despite that confrontation

Their sojourn was sensation

They spent a good percent on buying brand name imitations


Her wild gesticulations

Show no signs of abation 

N I’m trawling through the corners of my dark imagination


Perhaps asphyxiation

Perhaps decapitation

Perhaps a whack on the back with Great Expectations


Yet despite my contemplations

To solve this situation

She goes on letting people know her car needs registration


I’m peeking in frustration

To the point of constipation

I’m suffering in silence, dreaming of disembarkation


I blame a generation

That’s trained to seek salvation

Perpetually addicted to extreme preoccupation


While deep in rumination

On my generalization

As I enjoy the warmth of my rampant castigation


She returns to Jason

His slow matriculation

Shown clearly by his attitude towards their fornication


So I make this declaration

Without hesitation

Or fear of tabloid vitriol and knee jerk indignation


But cell phone conversations

At such levels of abrasion

Do not belong at all upon our public transportation


They lack consideration

One sided oration

Filling up some stranger’s ear within inane information


And if I ruled this nation

I would pass new legislation:

Such selfish conversations earn abrupt incarceration

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