It was Professor Tim Flannery -

not me, so don’t shoot the messenger

Flannery’s a nut, quite frankly!


Running around like an evangelist

Working part-time on 3 grand a week

A great gig if you can make it on the list


Adelaide, Sydney and Perth will die of thirst

They’ll be bone dry with not a drop to drink

Repent by 2010, or we’ll all be curst


Yet in 2012, Warragamba opened its gates

Lest the water break its mighty walls

So the operators said let the water evacuate


You might say: “Climate change denier”

I say: “I know climates constantly changing”

Its why some weeks are wetter, hotter or dryer


The Australian indigenous first settlers

Are living survivors of the changing climate

They saw small oceans grow into large acres


We all need to lessen our pollution

It’s good for the environment –

It’s good for our health and a living ocean


But the climate’s been changing for millions –

And yes, I mean millions of years

So can we really stop it by wasting billions?


So I say to all the Tim Flannery’s out there

Push the benefits of environment and health

and not doomsday scares – it’s totally unfair.


Copyright © - Steve G 2013

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Hi Catherine, thanks for your feedback.  You're right, climate change and carbon credits are very contentious topics and were suppose to make rich investors even more richer......alas, the bottom fell out of the carbon credits.  Moreover, some scientists are now starting to grow a conscience and are now feeling guilty for not completely telling the truth to gullible populations.

It will take a little more time, but over time, the climate change scare mongering will run its course.


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