Livian hentarin, canetras curively,
howing lin miu

pointule sobee lezanba
cruish ku,

tribly basgondig trir sktistup
prasleirli, blaffly, threelie

livian hentaring, canetras curively,

curverly, eshin discriavely
sclammed findenbo sytgra

bligerevas e ekvedae dhowb
resgalee princongee aarplumi ahhh!

eren bas rebas sosho bereque ne bas

wrery towahgie? loz nobay kirinki
tu kai
inne ne inne delargh my rechiettel'n

degra laeg bisuey heh!

canetras re lowrieg ekvedar za.

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Comment by AutoPirate on June 25, 2012 at 15:46
showing that having "no meaning" or a musical as opposed to signified logic of sense can still have a point non-narrative though it may be.

To counterpoint the critique of the *necessity* of meaning and narrative, which is a facile enough point but some do need catching up.

Thank you Stephanie Esther, you push me to further travels.

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