A deliberate experimenter walked and smelled rosemary bushes
with an immediacy that endured rains,

worms and summer.

Found on someone's wrought iron fence

a bag of rosemary lay hanging with
a sticky note - "Take as Much as You want" 

smelling it, taking it in, dancing with it, cooking with it, throwing it around
like salt for luck
the deliberate experimenter had rosemary as
their flatmate

even put rosemary to their ear to hear hot bells.

intoxicated by the smells, a drunkenness of days. the deliberate

whiffed the rosemary for a week

upon a week.

a day walking to work
               passing a glaring greenhouse - the waft
of rosemary drew turbulent. 

a wave was transported back to the home of the deliberate experimenter
with their face ovine in the small bag of rosemary.

the deliberate experimenter resumed their pace to work just a moment later.

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