The expanse
of a chest

is planet-like

as breathless is to hyperventilation

the planet spores as pleomorphism and
gasps in pneumatophores

the soft mangrove roots 

muddy to the apsis

the flower heats anemophilic

to love a plant-christmas

of nightqueen's nostalgia

savages the political perihelion

of this expanse
a planet's inspiring

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Comment by AutoPirate on June 19, 2012 at 12:32
I am glad there is one of you Stephanie, as critic. Poetry is a manifold thing...even by 19th century prosaic standards.
Comment by AutoPirate on June 22, 2012 at 19:30
Stephanie, I must be really dumb that I don't understand your poem. Maybe it is fairly facile. I mean it's real, and only real counts in the artifice of poetry which would mean that only emo and juvenile whining counts. Maybe ee cummings is hopeless by your only Truth oh fair Delphic oracle... I wrote you a poem to show you what I think.

The rest is bloody mindedness...and the comatose dynamics of the music of Romantic, ReRomantic and early 20th century styled emotional poetry, which is, of course, the only type by your only-truth standard, oh dread oracle...

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