Hark, what lite through yonder Windows break,

It is the East, and her name is Juliet Capulet,

HTML! the rhyme, in what'sinhername!

Romeo, oh why was thy file not found,
escapeth the family confines,
of your well-to-do patrician Montagues,

O, heaviness, man, in linux,
and linux in heaviness,

Tybalt, prints off Macs, default is yours!
No, sire, you shall walk next to the wall
as I have right of way upon the bold hand of
pricky midday.

The traffic of Venice today, is hard to imagine,
that by fibre optic gondola, the smart boat for the
nones, stout be thy courage, here drink this, it is Love

call the ambulance, Ooo, he is slain,
he is slain, he is slain

how long do we have to wait, dial up, dial up, feet of clay!

and why?

The answer to that, not even Deus Ex Machina
could lifeline supply. 

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