Larry L, Erika Badiou, Too Loose for you
and Matahari hop to Cheshire infantry
mon enfance
Brel strict symphonie

in three

waltz the poor o
the poor o mope
sadness and trickiness
is your angry man scope

the happy? well man, that's double crappy
no gold sold or blood diamonds to Nairobi
fluvial unities

pulsing with xy dynamite
parabola surface dig to
open cut
the kinky sufi master at a rave

old man outside the back of the club
at least he can't see other's love-a-dub-rub

like counting a grand
not too shy
in Blacktown
and you're just a four foot guy

get fucked showin
the strut the pose
you think you at an art gallery
with the mozie moze mose?

The power you be representin'
is not a flower in the death sentence

so I glare like Charles Baudelaire
at the finnisy fannasy fop
you think you can skip
you avoided hip hop?

Take the quo the queue
cos as the meme goes
Shakespeare's Pi
hates the pomes of an emo

muscle bound brat you think
you diss an old man
you can get away with that?

get a bucket of cold water
over your dread head nought fed
bullying a brother

as if kooris and murris worry
about your shit, I mean
wtf is up with you?
Did your team lose on the weekend?
Did you lose on the pokies?
Did Alan Jones say a word you couldn't understand but
suddenly you were empowered like an Ayn Rand absolute blitzkrieg
and would drop that word on Facebook and feel like the time
you came third in Year 9 Maths 5?

There's a whole wide world of pain
you're adding to
subtract the fact
that your own scene
aint so crash
so crash someone else
within an inch of their snot?

Yous a fool
and I'm a big dog
flying over Sydney
things looking dizzy like
Michael Dransfield in a hissy fit
plying Greenknowe Dolphin Street
for damask dusk busk

violence is the Pal to my meat
and I a eat it
like a feast of fire
fancy fairy girls
and the elegiac squires

would you play me
like fool's flicc
or disrupt my chick?

prince of cats
you're a cad
in elizabeatin' that means bad
om shanti shanti
Eliot's Nest untouchable
wasteland behind Marrickville Woolies

a coxcomb on the head of a rooster
minichello strings full to wing
pass the craft
pass the crate
at a party with your mates
Lebanese Spenser Queene
non-pareil to my dream

in my daily vesper ride
it's like suicide riskin'
my neck on the Hume
for the nymph on thy orisons
for my matins


induct the sun will rise
the habitus of rabbitus
burroughs and warren beatty
screamed for Carly and Madonna


one-eye-in-the-mirror app
Jacobean Jolly fap
mimicking the gimmicking
bowtie Janelle Monae
discursive fashion rabbit
js harry pottering in the holes
with moles of Paul Celan
and the hobbits

underground is the goblet
the magma to earth to sphere
that's the dot info m'dear

semi hemiosis
drunk on poiesis
like old spice icelandia
mixed with myxamatosis
cirhossis L.

check the stamp, tramp
"skáldskapar mjaðar"

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