Permutations of rainscatter on the
Macquarie Street concrete
spring interrupted winter for a whole week
before gales ripped roofs and flags
I imagined you walking next to me on a night
nearly idyllic but for the absence of you

you, colourful lion on a bicycle
You, mare on an escalator
You, idea on a jinxed plane

That you exist is beyond question
but how you exist -

in selfperceivings
in present cells,
in the naming and imagination of others,
(including myself, friends and bystanders)

in the memory of those who wish for you
in the glimpses of unknown minds
in the embeds of green and orange comets
the pavement that hold the traces of your shoestep

in the exits of ant nests
of parts of harvest you have eaten
in the soil your soul searched for
like a fumbled match on a red velvet rug
like a rare flight of peacock feathers
in an intentional vase

how you exist for perfect machines
for soft, looping dimensions
and the uninvented chants
And rondeaus played by subtle musicians
verging on songwriting

and and and

How days and weathers made space for you
how the permutation of rainscatter on Macquarie Street concrete
made you a warm arm on my side

made space for you in the swarm of bodies
and by the neon signs in the cosmopolis

How clothes in shop windows wear you
and transport takes you
while your house waits for your arrival
and the television is ready to see you
see it

How your very thoughts think you
and how you nourish the food you eat
how the one you desire dreams of you

and how the mathematics of your hands solve
you and those you touch

how the future looks forward to you
and the now easily enjoys you
how the past has resolved you
and how it used to fret for you
in trying to figure out why you happened
just the way you happened

and why you did the things that happened to you
that remember you and those that forget you
and those that re-emerge and cannot forget you

how your name knows you
how suggestions drop you from a height
how kisses are absent around you
until they smile, yes, your lips

how the entirety of your days’ voyages live you
and its invitation celebrates you
and how you appreciate these words
that you have written to me to say you are remembered,
loved, sought after, overlooked, threatened, welcomed,

taken interest in, engaged with, embracing and embraced.

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