Ariel's telex to WS on the birth of Prospero

The best writing hits all meridians, animal migrations,
plant anemophily and integrated circuits, species-[stop]
human senses faculties

[stop] the totalities of codings metaphysical and pre-
codings systemic and subversive Polonium dug from earth
smelling salt to electricity pulse [stop] storm by trap door fin

every page turned is a feast 
every king is slaughtered [stop]
the grave digger sighs rivers[stop]

your pen quivers like

arrows dipped in oil

[stop] arid-rose-petrichor-

lavender [stop]

a devil on owl-back [stop] the masked imposter entering the

master's chamber with crown apparent or sylvan knife drinking [stop] 

oozing rood-blood the quill is


clay-legions and timid capture both asphyxiates and allows
[stop] as we eat them like grain and poisoned cups drinking king's rude health


the quilled page is the becoming of every heartwing of the
beating [stop] of every hummingbird in a continuity
of whistling photocopies [stop]

every beat of those wings spread
deltae mundii from meditation to ecopoiesis to
[stop] meditation again 
Dusty hatted William quiet creek William no birth [stop]

virgin, and your estate's first bed wafting with dark camphor cheeks.

[stop] William! [stop]

the bastard ink is a rolling magnetic field, a compass
needle that founded worlds and fitting laws.

I never want to meet [stop] you unarmed in a dark alleyway

Marrickville or on haps [stop] Easter island - may your Prospero

-words wreak [stop] havoc [stop] with all unnamed ships of state, all witches 

[stop] and [stop] this animal of cottage industriousness [stop]

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