We came to the islands
the sun rose from the ground

hieroglyphics of yearning collectives
arms raised to shake
equanimity's wheat

for the day's work
reading stones
etched with lifecycle by evening

the tree sap enters the finch
through night
for the tree must sing too

promises exchanged in the night's
the moon the brightest coin

in an economy of whispers
and understandings of "yes, let's do"
the moon gulped our dreams

like red syrup the serum
the harem the theorem
the space I have reserved

for Pythagoras in my memory
is shaped like a triangle
the waves fire up

we have left our boat by the broken cove
and the homes we first see
are re-used shipwrecks

busied with curtains, tables
alcoholic chandeliers
conversations on the fantasy of dinner

our companion stifled their laughter
as we all did not
want our presence to be known.

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