He can see him inside his glass of beer,

Jumping summer salts and laughing,

From here on in anything can happen,

The joker has him and nothing can stop him.

Sometimes he can go for weeks on end,

And behave just like everyone else,

Then out of the blue he can appear from nowhere,

And drag him down into the depths.


One drink from the glass with the laughing dancer,

And nothing on earth can stop this game,

Every beer tastes even better than the one before,

The joker really loves to stoke the flames.

Now all it takes is one sly remark,

A dirty look, or an accidentally spilt drink,

The joker screams take all the fuckers on,

 But in the nick of time he stops to think.


With trembling hands he puts the glass on the table,

And realises right now that this has to end,

Inside the glass the joker is going crazy with rage,

No longer is he his old best friend,

As he looks closely around him,

He begins to see clearly what’s going on,

The joker has many friends it seems,

He was just one more fool to tag along,


There is the old gambler sitting in the corner,

The joker in his glass has a very big smile,

Or the lady running from the pokies to the ATM,

Her joker really likes her style.

For the first time in his life he hands his beer back,

And tells the bar staff that he has had enough,

Walking out into the night he will not drink again,

But God himself only knows it will be bloody tough.



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