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Going nowhere fast - and the drunkard's okay with that

walking by gardens and globes

sundials and a love seat

and the whole place has the scent of 

normality, neither sweet nor stale,

the brewing happy gales destroy tree


randomly. It makes little difference to them

the patterns are either tyranny, 

free or the obsession between these three…


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Early 21st Century must-haves

From: I/Thou ext. close up.

Because I love you and life

as it so appears

we all shall join hands and wish so fervently

a cure to all ills

of our own poverties, of time, money or madness

Because I love you and loathe life

I will enter the progressive stream

the sweetest wishes and embraces

of an iron maiden snapped shut

acupuncture needles ever surrounding me 

because you love me, and life

you will…


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Sound to reed,
waves through a wonder of chiaroscuro

in a mangrove a musician goes duckhunting

specious to the angry mallard
foot aspurred and a violent fuck

on closing in to an open throat of night security

do you have my number? the oboist shuffles

through their oh so kitschy rolodex
"where was their name again
Al, Alex, Alan, Allan, Alen, Alen, Alen, and Allen"



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Against Nature

Charles Mingus hermetic,

collective Mingus and many collectives of Mingii

3-d planar tesselation

by customs, allow many shapes to inhabit


the only thing pure in this world is now under doubt,

by ontomathematics, where do they stand? 

quick, Where's Nature? 

Permutations nods about some wandering habit 

us, the rule of three, the gang of four, we have the One, to land on the two and

the filthy fives. Hunt…


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Roman de la Axl Rose - pep talk

Brother, Brother and Brother

Brethren, please stand for

the chop.

The name of the rose was


and a whole lot of shaking, shushing and STFUing

going on.

And who is to say you have no apetite for distraction,

and do not we



at some time wish to be herb to

mortar and pestle

to the mixmaster blender

for an easy pesto, ay?

Black and Gold label pasta, staple of champions

until wiser…


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MetaTagging and the 4o4 cloud

Hark, what lite through yonder Windows break,

It is the East, and her name is Juliet Capulet,

HTML! the rhyme, in what'sinhername!

Romeo, oh why was thy file not found,

escapeth the family confines,

of your well-to-do patrician Montagues,

O, heaviness, man, in linux,

and linux in heaviness,

Tybalt, prints off Macs, default is yours!

No, sire, you shall walk next to the wall

as I have right of way upon the bold hand…


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How to outsmart rowdy French guys

Get in hotter, louder and faster in French seguing to German, Spanish and English and Vietnamese and Lebanese

telling them

"I am an engineer, and I have made crepes oiseau"

Rev the engine, just like scary crazy guys at Eastern Creek

and have a heart,

because the party one has that night with the MacHeaths of Lille

are good times. 

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Making a bird wing with hammers

requires for the one with few tools

to be incredibly swift

and deft;

and static tears

in howling storms

for all the sparrows that have died.

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There was a face

visible in the landscape painting

that meant really


Which is Ancient Greek translated into Modern English for

"everything is beautiful in its own way"

your frowning sounding board face

the face that left an imprint on the mirror

in torrid delight kissing the Cheshire Cat

the face of Orpheus bent

after many attempts of the brick walls

"between 9am-5pm No Understanding"…


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the heart's shortcomings

quietening to dark apparition

open the windows now

to hear a psithurism

that pets Our singular tortoise geography

with the seven swinging eyes.

The citadel ahead in the haze

was claimed by a tricoleur

on arrival it housed only a scavenger's romantic circle 

suspended vocations on retaining walls

installed like paleolithic homeware paintings

that is, with the sense of homely…


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the beginnings of tardy belongings

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JRR Tolkien's wife's favourite son the good writer called the second.

the boy went 'aye aye father' like a harry potter thirsty for knowledge

'You know, the Second? My favourite words in the English language are 'cellar door' not because of its meaning but because of its sound...'

and the young JRR Tolkien II said 'really? come off it dadsy!! you like that word because we have got the 8kb video…


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Small Poem for artist Tom McGlynn (USA)

the jigsawed labyrinth
by the lifesaver of a Hart's eye
as if by tectonic dynamite
spilt milk on my splintered feet that walked 
amongst a contraband of jasmine
the starless sky sent me no message of other gardens.

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Rosemary Sketches

A deliberate experimenter walked and smelled rosemary bushes

with an immediacy that endured rains,

worms and summer.

Found on someone's wrought iron fence

a bag of rosemary lay hanging with

a sticky note - "Take as Much as You want" 

smelling it, taking it in, dancing with it, cooking with it, throwing it around

like salt for luck

the deliberate experimenter had rosemary as

their flatmate

even put rosemary to their…


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Ariel's telex to WS on the birth of Prospero

The best writing hits all meridians, animal migrations,

plant anemophily and integrated circuits, species-[stop]

human senses faculties

[stop] the totalities of codings metaphysical and pre-

codings systemic and subversive Polonium dug from earth

smelling salt to electricity pulse [stop] storm by trap door fin

every page turned is a feast 

every king is slaughtered [stop]

the grave digger sighs rivers[stop]

your pen…


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