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Hybrid Shakespeare-Hip Hop

Larry L, Erika Badiou, Too Loose for you

and Matahari hop to Cheshire infantry

mon enfance

Brel strict symphonie

in three

waltz the poor o


the poor o mope

sadness and trickiness

is your angry man scope

the happy? well man, that's double crappy

no gold sold or blood diamonds to Nairobi

fluvial unities

pulsing with xy dynamite

parabola surface dig to

open cut

the kinky sufi master at a rave

old man…


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"When I am alone..."

When I am alone for many years

the voice of people whisked away

the epistrophe of their entreaties

do not escape me

the planets by radial circuitry

hum and integrate the calls

to return by broadcasts

heard solely by

not my ear but the

porous waves

interrupting my thoughts

as rude music

that makes me smile knowingly

"Ah, they miss me"  I think

When I am alone I miss them

with pointed fury

the heart is a silent…


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A Memory Map

Impatience to finish responsibilities

is the sour nectar to panic

this refrain dissonates

the memory of myself as a child



the chronos line to youth

I do not walk down memory lane

but leap to the boy I was

the mnemic arch

the leap to past

was the habit formed

to use thought

as jump


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