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Livian hentarin, canetras curively,

howing lin miu

pointule sobee lezanba

cruish ku,

tribly basgondig trir sktistup

prasleirli, blaffly, threelie

livian hentaring, canetras curively,

curverly, eshin discriavely

sclammed findenbo sytgra

bligerevas e ekvedae dhowb

resgalee princongee aarplumi ahhh!

eren bas rebas sosho bereque ne bas

wrery towahgie? loz nobay kirinki

tu kai

inne ne inne… Continue

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The expanse
of a chest

is planet-like

as breathless is to hyperventilation

the planet spores as pleomorphism and
gasps in pneumatophores

the soft mangrove roots 

muddy to the apsis

the flower heats anemophilic

to love a plant-christmas

of nightqueen's nostalgia

savages the political perihelion

of this expanse
a planet's inspiring

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Time is Money


The homeless are dead therefore

or walking-eternals

in timeless necessary infernals

as are animals

and the tree felled uneconomically

Financial freedom laughs at time


time to burn

time to kill
in warfare

Them that have the…

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Lying static

fuzzy station


radio noise

near ears

you can hear

late night

bird spark

ruined by


of the truth

that your eyes

want to love me

and melt

in pity

at acceptance



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