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Cloaking Divide

The cloaked elan of a swerve, it took moon curve, foundational blue in blue, a swarm of swell, cantankerings of elation, not a personality to be seen on a wide tabularity. All that is vertigo is not cathedryllic, this numen is too vexed for spirit.

It will not be so for demons' voice hover low. This turn full of words lasts as long as the dance.

The pallour of your ethics needs the cloak. The stellar you've become requires the cloak. For…


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Hybrid Shakespeare-Hip Hop

Larry L, Erika Badiou, Too Loose for you

and Matahari hop to Cheshire infantry

mon enfance

Brel strict symphonie

in three

waltz the poor o


the poor o mope

sadness and trickiness

is your angry man scope

the happy? well man, that's double crappy

no gold sold or blood diamonds to Nairobi

fluvial unities

pulsing with xy dynamite

parabola surface dig to

open cut

the kinky sufi master at a rave

old man…


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"When I am alone..."

When I am alone for many years

the voice of people whisked away

the epistrophe of their entreaties

do not escape me

the planets by radial circuitry

hum and integrate the calls

to return by broadcasts

heard solely by

not my ear but the

porous waves

interrupting my thoughts

as rude music

that makes me smile knowingly

"Ah, they miss me"  I think

When I am alone I miss them

with pointed fury

the heart is a silent…


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A Memory Map

Impatience to finish responsibilities

is the sour nectar to panic

this refrain dissonates

the memory of myself as a child



the chronos line to youth

I do not walk down memory lane

but leap to the boy I was

the mnemic arch

the leap to past

was the habit formed

to use thought

as jump


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The Blue Space! Poetry Jam 1st birthday

The Blue Space! Poetry Jam celebrates its first birthday.

We will feature an open mic and a slam to get festive! Musicians in attendance and still a GFC busting $5.

You are all warmly welcome :)

PS There was a rumour of cake but it's just a rumour!

Details -

Thursday November 15th from 7pm - 10pm.

at Petersham Bowling…


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Poet Heart

A bridge

and four chambers


by memory sing

the flowing 

centre of ready

life exchange


forgotten by a man


language of stratus


on the surface




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Archipelogos IV

The quiet panorama of a gold coin

headless corona

shine circa void

no Sun King or brumaire

round nominal colours

lake of essence

transuence of a day's fantasia

the shell told stories

of elsewheres internal

inhabited by mutant waves

and he, in all teeth and beak



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Hug of the Hive


I receive her body

embrace of pollen

and wool

Her squeeze

I breathe as

my chest becomes

metal to heat

running honey

to my mouth

my face


of breast and arms

my gift

is the…


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Archipelogos III

We came to the islands

the sun rose from the ground

hieroglyphics of yearning collectives

arms raised to shake

equanimity's wheat

for the day's work

reading stones

etched with lifecycle by evening

the tree sap enters the finch

through night

for the tree must sing too



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Archipelogos II

and the islands sloughed off

the mainland

in a continuum geocritical

break upon break

division upon division

of terrestrial meisosis

many in the many

no man is Robinson Crusoe Island

but I have lived on him

quakes that break

great lakes and landmasses

fed to…


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It was the cliff

broken with reason

that landed on seapaper

forming theoretical islands

bunched like coins in a purse

in the stitches

between reason

theoretical lifeforms arose

out of the clear rush

coming to shore like baby

incomparably, legs were four

trees ached

with theoretical yearning

for seed and windsong

long like a spun horse's braid

is the cold of the North different

to the cold of the South?



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The Shipyard

The night harbours

blink with electricity

to nerve

the port head

and lighthouse eye

every bone is a ship

the skeleton fleet

mooring to journey

of body

in the coming morning

the night harbours


that steal away to dancehalls

sailor to shorewalker to dancehall dancer

treading boards on the pier

the sun hesitates to rise


and the salt hull

shares to sails brimming



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For Someone in General

Permutations of rainscatter on the
Macquarie Street concrete

spring interrupted winter for a whole week

before gales ripped roofs and flags

I imagined you walking next to me on a night

nearly idyllic but for the absence of you

you, colourful lion on a bicycle
You, mare on an escalator
You, idea on a jinxed plane

That you exist is beyond question

but how you exist -

in selfperceivings

in present…

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Poem for "The Gamut" art project

The geometry of eking a living,
a harvesting, a seeing, the sense of air, 
a body clothed - whether the temperatures rules us 
in wide planes, and whether we can sleep
in an open sustenance of breeze

Protection to play the while as a mimick-bird
lyres and lazes in flight’s reach - a garden to scarcity,
love to the aimless, fire and plant to the broth

here, take this, this is love, and fire and plant…

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Livian hentarin, canetras curively,

howing lin miu

pointule sobee lezanba

cruish ku,

tribly basgondig trir sktistup

prasleirli, blaffly, threelie

livian hentaring, canetras curively,

curverly, eshin discriavely

sclammed findenbo sytgra

bligerevas e ekvedae dhowb

resgalee princongee aarplumi ahhh!

eren bas rebas sosho bereque ne bas

wrery towahgie? loz nobay kirinki

tu kai

inne ne inne… Continue

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The expanse
of a chest

is planet-like

as breathless is to hyperventilation

the planet spores as pleomorphism and
gasps in pneumatophores

the soft mangrove roots 

muddy to the apsis

the flower heats anemophilic

to love a plant-christmas

of nightqueen's nostalgia

savages the political perihelion

of this expanse
a planet's inspiring

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Time is Money


The homeless are dead therefore

or walking-eternals

in timeless necessary infernals

as are animals

and the tree felled uneconomically

Financial freedom laughs at time


time to burn

time to kill
in warfare

Them that have the…

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Lying static

fuzzy station


radio noise

near ears

you can hear

late night

bird spark

ruined by


of the truth

that your eyes

want to love me

and melt

in pity

at acceptance



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Homewords for Malouf

The quiet orthodoxy of more

than just fitting in,

snug your cry, never to conquer your poverty

of dance

The quiet orthodoxy of distance

unpiercing and asymptotic

here, take this mug - it belongs to your

absent hand that had thieved it prior

and placed it there, right there, perfectly there

So we would not…


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