I’ll send you to the gallows post-haste

To a place you must be condemned

For the lies you so profusely blew

For the lives you could so easily take


No bitterness to follow through

In my mind's eye you're not beautiful

The disbelief and betrayal you see

Was just a man made destiny


Terrors known to all your foes

Swim eagerly through your poisoned veins

Every barb that pierces through your heart

Is a reflection of your disloyal face


Virtuous beings cease to exist

In this world that’s far from bliss

Full of scum and untrue souls

This is what your future now holds


 - Rachael Belle Myers

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wow this is very dark
Nice and dark Rachael with a dash of the bitters
 I enjoyed the pace and message 
Cheers llan

Thanks, Ilan. :) I am glad you enjoyed it. 


I find pieces like this sometimes comforting to know that your foes may be given a taste of their own medicine. 


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