People think I'm mad ...
When I tell them
I was Mozart's dog!
Believe me, it's true
I was a fox terrier,
They called me Bimpes.

Through the apartment
The music always flowed,
Concerti, cadenzas, sonatas,
Master Wolfie hardly slept,
Yet I do know something,
He always had time for a pat

He would often rush towards me
Shiny shoe buckles, white stockings
And that crazy infectious laugh!
My tail would wag, I would bark
He'd toss me a liver dumpling
And I'd gobble it in mid air

In the blustering winters,
By the log fire I would laze
Watching him entertain
Amusing his associates,
Blindfolded, hands crossed over,
Racing across the harpsichord.

Dare him ... he would mimic anyone
Change his voice, contort his face
Imitating their musical style
A charming charismatic man

He'd spend time in the billiards room
Drinking coffee with his friends,
Lively chatter, giggling at his jokes.
He enjoyed the finest of things,
Sweet treats and outrageous wigs,
The powder usually tickled my snout

I miss master Wolfie
And his eccentric ways

But these four grey walls do bore me
And these days visitors are scarce,
Cooped up in this confinement,
My favourite nurse is back today

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