Where the fires lie and the heavens burn

Are the shades of life that will not return

From the day that you can take control

Eternally yours are the seas and their souls


Beneath the screams buried in the wall

Are the frightening truths that must be told

To the loveless being so tainted by blood

The world will open to the deluge and the flood


Impaired insight of the lustful dreams

Falling away through the earth and the streams

Deliverance proves to arrive in the third

When it’s all long gone and lost without a word


© 2009 Rachael Belle Myers 

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Hey Rachael,


Nicely written poem, it flows nicely and rhymes well.  I particularly like the second stanza as it begins to reveal a little more about the horrors of the holocaust; in fact, I would have liked it if you'd revealed more of the horrors the Jews suffered at the hands of a lunatic in Hitler.

Very sensitive and gracefully written .... alludes to much more.... would make a great first to a trilogy.....
Very moving poetry Rachael. I'm glad you
posted giving us the opportunity to acknowledge this awful event in history.

Sincerely ilan


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