01: What is the difference between ‘Featured’ Blogs and member’s blogs? 
02: Why are the same two ‘Featured’ Blogs permanently in place?

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1) Everyone can blog – that's what is meant by Member's Blogs.

'Featured Blogs' are ones selected by site moderators as notable, or worth promoting on the homepage and in the blog section sidebar. It's long been our hope that these would evolve naturally in the site, but in the past we've found soliciting cross-posts has been the most effective. This takes time of course, and we've gone a little quiet lately which leads to the second point:

2) While the site admins are otherwise occupied with general life, and unable to solicit cross-posts, the homepage featured blogs have been converted to the latest member blogs. When general life allows we'll be actively seeking out great posts from our members to feature once more. 

Hope that answers your questions.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,




Thank you for your prompt and informative reply.




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