Crown your storms

[And] Steal my thunder

I don’t know what

This world has plundered …

Only me

On bended knee

Where do shadows go

To shoot the breeze?

Solitary renegade

Slipping down

The streets, we fade

Blowing through a crystal stare

Wind me up like a toy

[Or, I’ll disappear]

Heaving with luminosity


[There’s an Emerald City calling …


Such a rich act to follow

Shackled up, but I’m growin’

Deeper than you know

Breathe; blow; feel all of that]

Cavernous gear down there


Laced with fear

Soothe the beast

He’s awoken


Mother fuckin’ smokin’

Shoulder high and I can see the field now

Blazing bright

[You rise - in my eyes

Higher & higher

Your heart is a castle of blue sky

Let the sunset slide on in, & pass me another one of them golden ties]

Don’t you dare proselytise

Only me

To contend with

Riff with me now!

Still got it

And, I got it still

Coming for you

Let my heart spill

(Bring me back)

Black Friday Bill!

K. Lee Bon.; Black Friday - May ‘22

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