The hermit leaves his cave
Tutor of the overman
To cleanse a polluted stream
Behold Zarathustra!

From the piety of solitude
He walks towards the town
The market swarms with flies
Stinging pests of society

Poison in the cobbled streets
Footsteps that leave no imprints

An assortment of fools
Gather for the village fair
They've come to watch the show
Idiots for the fanfare

The tightrope sways,
The crowd gasps from below
The Akrobat attempts to leap
But the jester aides his fall

Evolved from worm to man
From man back to worm!
Akrobats of Evolution
Victims of Devolution!

When the sun's shadow is no more
When their laughter chokes his words
And the literati throw the first stone
He'll return to the wilderness alone!

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A great, thought provoking pleasure to read


Cheers Dermott, I appreciate the feedback. I was inspired by Nietzche's "thus spoke Zarathustra"


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