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Sometimes I curl up, feel like a ball of shit,
So I punch and kick, a stale mate, a house of tricks,
you find me guilty, I re-soil then I boil in toil,
re-e-coil, silver foil , liquid oil on the point,
slippery joint, dark closet, fucking hobbit, go jump
the first step, is to check, the adrenalin pump,
blown up, fuck I’m stuck, now get out of the ride?
Sly spy, with my little sky, something beginning with die,
Ill rip, your fucking head off, ill rip your face out your eyes,
I’ll even do it with my hands, I’m just a human disguise,
I’m being honest, pinkie promise, this is the truth not a lie.
I make you sick, you’r shitting sticks. Feels like a hit, and I smile,
So where’s Wally, orange rind, like Wally where’s find,
It’s half past 5 but it’s a quarter to 9
3 dead cats, 1 mouse in a bee hive,
revived, designed and alive from honey, too many drugs makes too much funny.
I’m like a pump, just keep pulling till I push,
push to pull, like an exploding fool,
a tool, like metal, to make them all start running,
well’s obviously you can see that I was cunning.
every time I get up I just fall and sprawl,
dropped jaw, standing tall, breaking the fucking door.
All we do is crit, trip, eat rits and stir bull shit
I’m gona give you bumps goose, shoe laces are loose,
never call a truce, use function, cause destruction with an,
emotional introduction.


I drive a stewpid car, it’s a stewpid day,
I drive a stewpid round, my stewpid music’s loud.
You can call me stewpid man, I know I’m stewpid I’m glad.
I see the stewpid cops, they’re speeding stewpid fast.
I hear their stewpid sirens, they’re full stewpid blast.

Any stewpid way, thinking of my stewpid past,
I sold some stewpid drugs, to some stewpid people
I wear a stewpid jacket, though it stewpid rips,
I should stewpid throw it, but it stewpid fits.

Oh here we stewpid go, There goes my stewpid phone,
oh that’s that stewpid bitch, talking bout stewpid shit,
she gives me stewpid headaches, she plays some stewpid tricks, all she does is stewpid winge, about some stewpid shit,

Forget that stewpid chick, ill change the stewpid subject,
I’m driving stewpid fast, 60 stewpid over, Screw the stewpid lights, I’m a stewpid driver, I drive right stewpid through them, cruising at stewpid night, this stewpid decision’s mine.

Now let me stewpid tell you, about something else thats stupid, I hope all stewpid bludgers, have stewpid day,
you aint got a stewpid dollar, or a stupid cent,
you cant fill up with stewpid fuel, can’t pay your stewpid rent, cant buy the stewpid things, can’t buy a stewpid Benz. You stewpid make believe it, you stewpid pretend.

I say some stewpid shit, you’re stewpid if you listened
this is a stewpid song and now I’m stewpid gone.

The Drug

Typical, he’s back again, like a lion that lives in a den.
I new this would happen, he’s addicted to me, he always comes back, once he’s received enough sleep.
He can’t help himself, he has no control, his wallet is open, his promise rebelled.
No justification for what he will do, he’s done it before, and I am the proof.
Defiantly the high that gives him the lift. Is it because of the texture, the color, the hit.
From the get go, he thought he could cope, I see right through him, though he’ll never know.
So he’s back once again, just itching for me, I’m his past his present and his future to be.

Intellectual Thoughts

Typical, I’m on my way there, it all just started with a though in my head.
The harder I try, the harder it gets, the more I do it the more I regret.
Sympathy is a wonderful tool, ill use it against you so I’m not perceived as a fool.
I’ll continue to lie, to the ones that I love, I’ve done it before, should I feel appalled.
Is it time to stop, should I kick it and quit, or just do it again for the relief of a hit.
Who knows who cares it’s my night my life, possibly next time I’ll fight the good fight.
My wife, my kids, they won’t even tell, it’s me all alone on the carousel.
So Iv made up my mind, Yeah that’s what I’ll do, ill fuck every one, Starting with you.
And once it wears off ill do it again, you only live once, I’m not addicted.

The Mirror

Typical, he stares into me every time, he makes up this bullshit, he sooks and he cries.
He says it’s the last time but that’s all just a lie, he knows that it’s wrong but believes that it’s right.
It’s the promise he breaks while talking to me, does he really believe he’ll receive sympathy.
I’m framed and I’m stained from the mistakes that he’s made, so I lie to his face, to remove some of the pain.
I see all the trouble as a result of his flaws, punching holes in the walls and breaking down the down kids doors.
He just doesn’t care when she argues and roars, he threatens to kill her, what a dog on all fours.
Typical scenario, it’s all that I see, 12 times a month equals 3 times a week.
The truth is the truth, enough is enough, I may be a mirror, but I cannot be bluffed.

--Suicide Time—

Do you know what time it is?

I Want to die, fuck life I want to go to hell,
no more jingle bells, no more light, no more smells.
You were right, life suck and yes I'm a piece of shit,
dressed in lies and hate, let me abreviate.

Im full of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin see,
I fuck up all the time, yes there’s something wrong with me.
What is wrong with me? What, don’t you bloody see.

Losing myself is the best thing I ever had,
atleast finding it again will be something that I have.

People don't make sense, speaking bout heaven,
all the good things. I don’t believe in that.

I writing this while I stand here, dressed in black,
white chucks, black scarf and a bum bag.
Fuck hats, I hate them, I hate gel, I hate hoddies,
I hate life, I hate Me, I hate you, I love sleep.

Tomorrow you will be covering me with sticks
and God will be smoking some real heavy strong shit.
You all envy me, because unlike me you are all lost,
your happiness comes to an end, because it exists,
but when it happens and you see the water close in,
you’ll know how I feel.

It’s all around, stapling myself to this knife, this is how its gona be, my reality.
When the rain begins to fall, there will be no sunshine in your life,
no rainbow, just sorrow and it’s that, that will put a smile on my dead face.

Throughout life I’v been considered as the worst,
smashing up my father, even doing shit that’s worse.
Drama after drama, from the best to the cursed.

Mum, caution, I know u now wish you had a fucking abortion.
You used to love me, when I was a little younger,
played with me, always fed me to stop my fucking hunger.

I wonder if your crying mum,
are there any tears, running in your eyes?
Or are you fucking sick, fed up, happy there are no more lies.

The devil knows I’m gona just slit my shit and feel the good bits.
He talks to me at night, and these are his words,

“Trick or tricka, start the slitta,
Im the law, the supa dupa
the hard enforcer, attack rhymer,
the life founder, insane provider,
I am not flawed.
I`m bigger and stronger
and smarter and bla bla,
you’ve got no mother, no father,
your a sucker and I am your other.”

Yes yes, yes, he is right.
That’s why I'm glad I'm dead, a worthless fuckin chicken head.
There is no stress building up, I can believe suicide's on my fuckin mind.
Im about to leave. Yes Satan I can hear you fucking calling me.

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At 22:55 on November 12, 2010, Leigh Lemay said…
Well, well,, I miss you already! :D
At 17:46 on November 13, 2010, Adrian Wiggins said…
Hi Constantino, and welcome to the Sydney Poetry social site. You are member #125.

This is a social site that is built by the poets (and friends) of Sydney (and surrounds) for the poets (and friends) of Sydney (and surrounds).

You can add your own photos, videos and events. You can write blog posts, or start topics in the forum. Or you can just keep an eye on what's happening.

There's no membership fee and no middlewoman – there is though just a bit of moderation to keep it clean and on-topic.

Have a read of the welcome note (if you haven't checked it out already) to find out more. Although the site is just starting up I hope you enjoy what you already find here, and if you do, please feel free to invite other poets (and teachers, readers, writers, performers) you know to join.

Looks like you're using poetry to voice some powerful material. Thanks for sharing your work already on the site. If you'd like to share more you could have a look at the member poetry section as well.

Best wishes,

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