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At 18:16 on March 5, 2010, Judith Beveridge said…
thanks for the tip Adrian.
Hope this finds you well. Good to see your poem in the last HEAT.

Have you had your baby yet?

At 23:30 on March 9, 2010, Karina Barker said…
Hey Adrian,
Great to hear from you - and this site looks exciting. Thanks!
How are things?
France is amazing and I am getting fatter by the day.
Skiing tomorrow...
How's your writing going?
At 12:55 on March 10, 2010, Emily Finlay said…
Thanks, Adrian. The site is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing it develop!

At 17:02 on May 29, 2010, Ed Wright said…
Hi Adrian,
thanks for the invite and congrats on the new bub. This is in your house, no? What a cool idea! Can't go out and see the poetry so bring it to your loungeroom. I'd love to come, but I'm living in Sri Lanka at the moment which makes it a bit tricky. Like the site too - looking forward to ahvign a poke around it
At 23:34 on May 30, 2010, Chris Mansell said…
Thanks Adrian. Great idea.
At 16:02 on May 31, 2010, Les Wicks said…
Look forward to seeing the new site flourish!
At 16:38 on June 5, 2010, sqgl said…
My energies promoting poetry are already expended via my Immersants meetup group which favours a breakdown in the performer-audience divide. As such I welcomed the Auburn poets collaboration with the Rookwood Cemetary sculpture tour/exhibition, Slam Poetry, Laurie Anderson, open-mic events, and incorporating snippets of poetry written real-time by "audience members" into my VJ'ing.
At 21:52 on June 5, 2010, Les Wicks said…
Thanks Adrian,
They were good bunch, Sharp minds & few belly laughs.
At 9:56 on July 24, 2010, Ilan said…
Hi Adrian

thanks for your message. Are we meant to post poetry on the site and if so where?

Thanks ilan
At 16:00 on September 14, 2010, Ilan said…
Thank you Adrian for your great site and additions to add poems, I've just added a poem -
the children,

kind rgs
At 16:52 on September 14, 2010, Brent Clough said…
Hi Adrian,
Thanks a lot for passing on those photos! I saw you taking shots, and I figured you were an academic from UWS. I'm very sorry I didn't introduce myself! It was a terrific session I thought. August is great at drawing out what's at stake in a poem. I hadn't seen him for around 6 years so we had plenty to catch up on and spent a nice morning wandering around the coast a couple of days after the masterclass. I'm just trying to re-ignite an old interest in producing poetry too, so I hope we'll catch up around the traps and in cyber space. BTW I'm on at Happy this Sunday. All the best, Brent
At 11:17 on September 15, 2010, Adrian Wiggins said…
I enjoyed the session also – I regretted afterwards not taking better notes. Next time I see you round I'll bowl up and say hi.
At 13:36 on September 21, 2010, Holly Zwalf said…
thanks adrian! I saw you at the post-workshop lunch out at UWS but I was on the far side of the table and couldn't say hi. Can I promote the next sly Fox reading here somehow?
At 12:59 on September 25, 2010, Lindsay Tuggle said…
Thanks Adrian again for hosting, it was such a good night. I think we have to make a trip to the cemetery soon!
At 9:12 on October 5, 2010, NSWwriters said…
Hi Adrian,

Yes, I'm the Program Officer here at NSWWC. In fact I joined just out of interest to see what was going on in the poetry community but I will definitely post some of our poetry events. Thanks and looking forward to seeing how this site develops,

At 9:43 on October 8, 2010, Eileen Chong said…
Hi Adrian, thanks for putting the video up here!

At 13:18 on October 27, 2010, Fleur Beaupert said…
Hi Adrian
Many thanks for the welcome. Happy to be here!
At 18:05 on October 28, 2010, Leigh van der Waals said…
Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to thank you for the welcome, and let you know how useful I'm already finding this site. I've been trying to find local poetry events in Sydney for ten months now, and apart from the ones at Sappho (which I can't attend due to scheduling constraints) I hadn't found any. Now my schedule is suddenly filling up...

At 2:58 on November 18, 2010, Karina Barker said…
Unfortunately no! And your comment just made my mouth water for your Christmas party... The lamb chops... Mmmm... We will be back in January though. Can't wait to come to one of your events xo
At 3:01 on November 18, 2010, Karina Barker said…
Also... LOVED your latest poem in Heat. Always a treat to find you in my letterbox in France. And how do I make my profile pic turn the right way up?!

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