Sinking into dead roots of old oak trees and fallen leaves

I let them out one by one

Left eye

Right eye



They slowly absorb into the old canopies of red and black cloth

I feel empty

Emptier than a jar of raspberry jam on a summer morning on the farm

I feel emptier than a body without a soul


Let me go


Help me escape from these waves of chaos


Don’t you ever

Don’t you ever remind me of the past

The past is the past

The past is last years autumn

And this years foggy winter


I will throw a thousand wishes into the starry night sky

Hoping that you and I will last forever


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Comment by Leigh Lemay on December 24, 2012 at 18:33

This is a beautiful poem.  I know the melancholia.  I know the hope.  I know the resolution. Sighhhhhhh :)

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