Hi everyone,

I'm popping my blogging cherry on this site, so I do hope i'm doing what i'm supposed to do!

I've been reading lots of Mark Tredinnick, so i'd have to say that he probably influenced this little poem.  The cat crawled onto my lap when i woke up on Sunday morning and this is what i wrote in about 10 minutes.  I've since gone back to change it, and can't see that it needs to be changed.  However, if anyone out there has different ideas, i'd be very happy to hear them.

So, here we go.  

The Cat


is my friend.


It climbs up, paws my lap, curls in on itself, and





into a vibrating chorus.


I am a warm bowl of jelly,

a familiar offering of food,


and it will keep me like a secret in the garden

so that it can lose me in a

disemboweled mouse.


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