Time itself has come to an end, as she lies all alone in the hospital bed,
How can anyone else begin to understand the numb feeling inside her head?
It feels like her soul has been ripped out and her fragile body thorn apart,
Absolute devastation as an icy grip tightens around her poor broken heart.
Nature has turned its back on her, after it had sent her on her happy way,
With the promise of great expectations for the little miracle they had made,
Why are some blessed many times and others left to ask what went wrong,
They had so much love to offer but now their little miracle has gone.
And what then can the future hold, is she supposed to just forget,
Maybe try again in a year or two; it’s probably what her family expects,
How can they possibly begin to understand, nothing can ever be the same?
Her body was supposed to protect and now she alone must take the blame.
All the kind whispered words and the gentle hints about thinking ahead,
Jesus how can they not understand, her precious little one is dead,
The Holy cross hanging on the wall catches her eyes time and time again,
How could he have let this happen, is he not supposed to be her friend.
The thoughts of going home soon brings a little comfort somewhere inside,
She just wants to curl up in her own bed, lock the world outside and hide,
Her mind thinks about the baby room, she wonders if they had tempted fate,
Should they have waited for the baby to come, either way now it’s too late?
And what about the man she loves, he could not hide the sadness in his eyes,
He tells her not to worry; they will try again, his feelings covered in gentle lies,
They had been so happy getting the room ready, heartfelt pride when it was done,
Now all their future plans have been shattered, and it’s her fault it’s all gone wrong.
She falls deeper into a dark depression, for weeks she has not left the house,
Then one day out of the blue she gets up out of the armchair and just walks out,
She feels the warm sun on her face; a gentle summer breeze pulls her hair,
A great weight has lifted from her shoulders; there is a special feeling in the air.
When her husband arrives home he can hear music playing somewhere,
She is airing out the house; she looks so beautiful he just stands and stares,
She catches him watching and comes running, kisses him and holds him tight,
As the tears of joy run down her face, she knows everything will be all right.
And so now here she lies again, fifteen months later and doing fine,
She has run two weeks overdue; now the nurse is saying it’s near her time,
The contractions hurt like a son of a bitch, as she squeezes his hand tight,
Then after only two hours labor their little son is born just after midnight.
He is the most beautiful child, as she holds him trembling to herself,
Now she looks at the man hanging on the cross and thanks him for his help,
She asks him to look after them and keep the little one safe at any cost,
As the tears begin to fall, she says a special prayer for the little one lost.

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