Prologue -                    Gum Tree Reserve.


An environmental activist, known hereabouts as

Banjo Hayes,

were it not for his intervention

this habitat,

would now be lost

in haze.


Humble Habitat.


This symbol in a  city, a little west of Sydney Town,

in Guildford a small suburb, deserving just renown.



Gum Tree Reserve is extant.               A piece of Heritage.

This piece of nature’s wonders must be written on a page,

of histories that have lasted long, through trouble and through strife.


A piece of nature’s wonders that have been granted longer life.


Turpentines stand stoutly.                              So does some Ironbark.

It’s trees now number forty, they have made their modern mark

for they are remnant regrowth, from a time when world was new.


They must - yes MUST - be protected, for you- and you- and you.            


Come, see the natural grasses, climbers, herbs and shrubs as well.

A reserve for native creatures, where they can come to dwell.

This wellspring of hope eternal to be nurtured  -  kept alive.

To give some hope for human nature - becoming humble, to survive.


(c). Rimeriter.


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Comment by Ken Setter on January 6, 2012 at 13:57

Nice one Jim

Comment by Jim Spain on January 6, 2012 at 14:49

Thanks Ken.

If ever you are nearby the area, please take time to sit amongst our earlier Australia.

Sanctity for the soul.

Did we ever find the lightning struck Moreton Bay fig in Fairfield that day ?

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