With thundering certainty
My heart beats
For you
With thundering certainty . . . 
This ship is destined
For beautiful horizons
That blind my frail, human eyes

So, I dream of thee

And places and stars
Where beautiful disasters
Collide with what my soul yearns for
Greater than it may deserve
And, in that, the esprit that rushed off the waves as we find ourselves far away from home
And, inhaling, in a land that my heart foresees
But for, the timing of a wave
But for, serendipity 
The angel that stole their wings
The gift of wonder, how could I choose another? 
Though they belong to you

Striving for the crest of my new wave
I sink deeper
Into this love

Knowing that I shall drown
In beautiful disasters 
And, memories that touched the lips of bliss
The music of you melts me, such a heart-rending tryst 
Before we looked down over the bow
Took in the magnitude of this waterfall
That once was. 
My breath, my life

If my breath was not so short
So dizzying with the thought of you
My powers could be turned to singular purposes
To make the purpose of my life sing
By un-crossing these stars
With edges of such strength, light gilds from you
And, you shine with good, purity of spirit and the exuberant blush of the flower
Knowing in your nature, my Angel
Being open is being alive
With edges that cut me down to size 
It's only circumstance 
That prevents me from chasing miracles imagined, new becomings I treasure

And, the conjuring of your image
Cuts beneath the shimmering surface
And the watery depths of where my voyage
Now takes me

Now, I know
What it feels like to jump
Now, I know
That I never knew I did
Until I went under.

With thundering certainty.

K. Lee Bon., copyright, all rights reserved (worldwide), intimations on the criteria for us - you and me (if we even need one at all), 15/11/2014

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