her dulcet tones reverberated and echoed in my mind, unashamed of their repurcussions. They melted wrongness off my limbs and glued insanity to gnashing teeth. The world seemed putrid, crushed by her lingering presence, reeking artificially on all accounts. Her supposed knowledge seeped out illogical giberish, understandable to herself alone. 
We were an incompetent abstraction, an untenable marring of being on bait, viciousness saved for cruel inuendo. We ceased to exist in space, living only under each other's fingernails and footprints, we decayed in each other's presence, dripping ourselves into corners of our bedrooms.
The reaches of psychosis rose, versant in the occupied air. restricting all sources of oxygen. We listened for anything at all, a display of dramatics, distracting us from our largess, cowering in its inescapable gloom.
We hit into a series of rocks at regular intervals, taking too much advice about trying again, unable to feign success even in the maelstrom. 
The truth is we were irrevocably damaged, gloriously full of the rotting of our existential corpses, marauding as a spectacular dawn,
limited to dusk.
a friend came up with a great idea! flash card poetry, where she gave me a new word about every 30 secs and i had to incorporate it into the poem. its been helping alot!

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sorry. words given were: dulcet, wrong, gnashing, putrid, artificial, gibberish, abstraction, viciousness, decayed, versant, distracting, rocks, feign, glorious, dawn.


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