Crow, dead in the gutter.

No more roof or rafter,

before or after.

Death tailgates breath.

It’s a wide open road.


A blister erupts on the soul.

Heaven awaits rapture.

People, be on alert -

While there’s hope in darktown

The half cup empties the well.


Growling gut loosed dog craving

Godforsucculent decay. 

Lips thicken and slack.

Tongue warms, grows fat.

Sighing groin slips cold.


Behaviour of old, husbandry and hunting.

The breeze of change has two poles,

both erect and dangerous.

Life and love terms estranged.

There’s always another way.


Alone and unable to bare the light.

Eyes are blunt and throat is weak.

The pulse defies despite.

Where life dreams of rain

Compost stews seeds inside.


Channels and weave and tolls

Can’t be discrete. This life,

A collision is bound to happen.

Let’s hope it’s a harbinger

Of places impossibly imagined.


This life takes passengers.

Desire expects to arrive.

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