cinnamon is trustworthy in moonlight

makes you to scrape its flesh

so that old browness is under

your nail and keeps you

from dying

make it stick

have a purple scab

in the shape of your heart

tattoos do not last forever

how does it sound when

your hearing goes away

and questions are finally



left unanswered

sometimes if you drive


and stoned enough

youre driving through

a languid

and very fuckable


the kind that made the universe

and wrenched a dimensionality

that made some false sense

this smokey sex

is the wheel

under your pallid skin

your colourless eyes crystalline

screening all your pain

like a shattered floodlight

the heart dries quick

once stilled

becomes all maroon and crusty

turning black from oxygen

a burnt half-sized soccer ball

you are a dinosaur

if you understand

we each are brutish and scaled

in our way

i have to be out of my mind to relax

until im bleeding again

there is a certain menstrual consistency

every month or so im in love and bleeding

finding new paths to go down

new scale to peel off

i hear raptors approaching anyway

its nothing new

and anyway

its nothing

we dont deserve

my hope is things might change

my fear is they will    

downstairs theres a highway

something with


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