"I'm Not Afraid of The Dark" #81

More Poetry
from the
Dark Side
Series #7

The INSECT GOD, Unchained  c


The Devil is an Insect/
                              One to the Second Power/
Here in the First Galactic Quadrant
This Has been Discovered/From the Unholy Watchtowers of
CyberXenoPhotophobes/ Menacing ...A
Demonic Infestation of Deadly Savage Insects
Cruelly Starved in Hell
and made Ravenously Mad there
now in furious struggle to     Escape into the Light
and Hide/and in perfect humanoid Guise
now      Scattering
quietly into the Dark World   of Form     and Time/
and becoming Ripe    and Fruitftul      and Multiplying..../
And The Devil is an Insect      forever
in Hideous Transformation and
in Hiding
Deep  in His Cocoon of Sickness and Pain
where this Prince of Darkness  is most at Home/and where He Loves to Entertain
and Spread His Miserable Cloak of Darkness
and Accusation and
for All to Enjoy/In the First Power
of Being
which He has Stolen
and is seeking to Copy, Clone, Use and Destroy/And The Devil You Know is a Cruel Insectile Ego/Many Times Over
Now/coming in DeadlySilent to take Residence in Your Mind
with a stinging Afterglow   and Buzzing in
The Fluorescent Black   Rainbow Splatterings
made Cheap and
Easy from a  Dark Hive
of Horrors...

The Devil You Fear     is an Insect
      in the Coming Swarm
of Slaves/....

20-21 January 1999/.
Lower East Side, NYC................................................................More Poetry from the Dark Side No. 7, The Insect God, Unchained copyright 2005 F I N N E G A N !

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Wow Angel! I like this excursion into the void of darkness where evil spreads through pestilence. I like the imagery of the insect multiplying, spreading and the evil concealed in a 'cocoon'  It reminds me of the insane character, Renfield in Bram Stoker's Dracula and his fetish for insects whereby he consumes insects in ascending order in order to gain the life force. Well done...powerful and hard hitting.

Cheers Thomas,


This Poem taps into My MeatTooth for the DarkerVerse


Check out some of my other works on here, too and let me know what ye think, mate, and Thanks again for taking the time to tune in




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