The Children ~ in Spanish and English

by Ilan

In the square the children play
En la plaza los niños juegan
Boisterous and happy in today
Bullicioso y feliz en la actualidad
The screams and shouts of children past
Los gritos y los gritos de los niños el pasado
The hungry ghosts in the game
  Los fantasmas hambrientos en el juego
Who knows this sweet child singing and dancing with these ghosts
Quién lo sabe dulce niña cantando ybailando con fantasmas
One is marked for death, the other for the lucky life
Uno está marcado para la muerte, el otro niño
Sweet birds singing in the school yard
las aves cantando dulces en la escuela 
Flies off to warmer places that are not as hard
Sale volando a lugares más cálidos que no son tan
Come fly with me sings the bird to the unfortunate child, to the warm hills
 canta el pájaro al desgraciado hijo, hasta la sierra caliente
You will be safe and happy forevermore
Usted será seguro y feliz para siempre

Copyright Ilan Cohen 2010

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Ilan, thanks for being the first to add a poem to the Member Poetry category. Cheers, Adrian
Then the honour is all
mine and I am
very pleased to see your
local poetry site growing into
a special place for Sydney poets,

kind rgs


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