The jackal's head, an eerie silhouette
An outline of death beckoning,
Fading through the sand.
The last gasp before I depart,
The colour of the gods cannot be known,
Swallowing black; descending

The feather of justice weighs the heart,
The whispers of the anointed call me.
Spiralling pleasures of the past,
The taste of honey, the tingle of sex
A gallery of strobing images haunt me
Ephemeral, fading; void

Was it you that followed,
from another life?
Holding hands
in the Amber glow of birth?
To re-unite and ignite
Another life depicted on papyrus!

My soul transcends and morphs,
meandering through the Nile,
Smothered in the oil of blue lotus
My entrails sealed in a terracotta jar,

don't forget,
remember me,
hear the screams
from canopus

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This is a beautifully crafted piece. I love this:

"Smothered in the oil of blue lotus
My entrails sealed in a terracotta jar"

Very nice, very evocative imagery. Love the use of Egyptian mythology/burial practices.

Thanks mate. A dark but intriguing journey through the afterlife and into a new skin


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