Remembering Kristallnacht

by Ilan

Is it love  
in the marshes 
for the sun is down 
and t'is cold  
to be locked in a dungeon 
with metal bars 
and empty stars  

Is it love to be across the oceans 
surrounded by cold currents and  
the sharks of teeth, 
in this great underneath 
deep dark deep dark 
tinkle tinkle 
not a twinkle 

Is it love 
if liberty is in chains 
and the veins of men
are blue 
for the women too.
Slaves enter this courthouse
one by one  
upon which judgement 
upon which bare breasts 
and empty nests  
until the hammer down
Ah the frown  

Is it love if birds blue 
if your lover too
and the world cruel 

All the Hitlers that killed love 
and life     
that stamped numbers 
that made tattoos out of men,  
bones out of souls 
and fires out of books 
Remember Kristallnacht  

Is it love if ye killed 
if ye music stills,
less the lust  
and t'is for you
black daffodills 

When ye sleep at night
where does it end 
and when ye awake 
in thee sweats and stares  
What of all your tomorrows.  

Is it love 
In the comas of Morpheus 
dost come Thanatos 
and our dreams are not  

Is it love if you fall, 
less humanity's grace

And all that's left are numbers,
is it love?
Copyright Ilan Cohen 2010

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Is this poem in some way a response to Rachelle's "Holocaust"?

 It's not bad, but i think the meaning becomes a little too in your face, and the prose gets left behind at times to accommodate for only the meaning. I think that sometimes, and I'm sure some will differ, that we should be at mercy to words, and strive to find the right ones, the ones that just seem to be faultless, and perfect for what we are attempting to say. But that's being picky.

 To deliver a message, it is a good peice.

Hi Jon


No its in no way a response to her poem as it was written last year,

I just write and do my best, its my hobby so I'm sure there is lots of


thanks for comments




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