I have published a few books and unsure what I 
could do with these, selling is not my plan rather
sharing with fellow poets and talking about their 
meaning or interpretation, can anyone assist with
advice. Thank you. Ilan 

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How about trading? I have collected a plethora zines, books, artwork and friends through trading. I have self published a zine recently and would be willing to swap.
Hello Joe
Thank you for your kind offer, 
I just have a couple of copies of each as they've
Been costly to make, could we loan a book to
One another for say a month? 
I'm happy to meet for a coffee and swap 
I travel around Sydney quite a bit so happy to
Meet you where convenient 

Thank you 
This sounds great.I live in manly. Maybe you could come to manly on Tuesday 30th - there is a book shop that holds an open mic night - Bonfire Night. It is a friendly and warm place, full to the cups brim with good people. It is the book shops 10th birthday so there will be a good turn out with many poets and musicians. let me know if this tickles your fancy.

Sorry Joe I couldn't come,  hope it went well
hopefully we shall meet one day 
Are u ever in the east ? 



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