Pubs, I’ll tell you pubs, best places in the world

People treat barmaids, with respect, my word

Not like blokes, blokes, damn blokes

They lay and cheat, who’d believe

A girl from the streets


Bloody Irishman, smooth, as a good Scots on Ice


Pubs, I’ll tell you pubs, Willoughby pubs

Best pubs in Sydney like the Bridgeview

 What a pub it was, neat as a fig in jam

Blokes at the bar, some you saw

Up the RSL when ya got a gig


Lithgow, a place of dreams, broken dreams mind

A place where men lived, beyond their means.

Not mean men, not like some I’ve seen

Men with guts, but without a dream

Men like Dad hauled coal all over


I met and married when I was a lass

Sam Marshall was one of the men

Paddy we called him, a Mich

Bloody brute of a man

With a really small dick


Should have known better


When Paddy left, he left a legacy

Two kids, the best you’d see

When he left he hurt

Wrenched my rings

Served me right

Bloody men


Since then it’s been a bloke here and there

Just two you mind, I’m not a whore

Kid with each one, four it was

Only three of them left see

Poor mite died so young



Life, I’ll tell you life, it’s been bloody tough

For a girl from Lithgow who rode in trucks

To life in Naremburn working pubs

No star time it was, not for me


But a life of which I’m bloody proud

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