When I recall my memories as a child in our household

I smile warmly, ‘cause it was you who made that house a home.

Your love, it was so safe and warm, even when the day was so cold

At night time, no matter how loud the scary monsters moan

I’d scream out your name, and in you’d come, you were so bold.


Those scary monsters stood no chance, with you in our home.

When I fell over, I’d come in the house, with tears all stained and old

but with a kiss, you’d magically heal that sore and I, no longer lame.

As I got older and my heart was broken by a young flame many fold,

with a reassuring hug, you’d tell me I won’t always be on my own.


As always, you were right, as I now have my own loving household.

You’re a little older and greyer now and spending more time at home

so it’s now my time to keep you safe and warm from the cold.

The advancing years are now taking their toll on your many bones

but in my eyes, you’re still my beautiful mum to love and to hold.


When you left me, I thought I’d die, but you’re still here as my foothold,

I know this now, ‘cause when I’m sad and lonely and on my own

I can feel your comforting hands, so I know I’m not alone.

I can see now why heaven needs you; I’m sure it’s a lovely abode

but with you there, it’s no longer just heaven; it’s a loving home.


I bet in heaven now you can’t hear monsters moan.


Copyright © Steve Goldsmith 2010

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I wrote this poem for an old friend who lost her mother last year.  Personally, I don't particularly like it, but 20 others (including the friend I wrote it for) all loved it.  Feel free to comment.
That's beautiful, Steve!
Thanks Victoria.  I was playing around with a new style of poetry.  I love the sentiment and how the poem evolves naturally, but I think I much prefer writing in Quintet form.


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