Moonlit nights
Sunset beaches
Misty mornings
Sweeping melodies
Smiling faces
Gregarious laughter
Eyes twinkling
Stars shining
Words uplifting
Mind dancing 
Rain tinkles
Sun rises    
Flowers bloom
Soul awakens 
Oceans roar
God, Almighty  

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Oh the spacing appears to be out of line on my do I edit this?
Hi janelle 

I also have a problem with the spacing 
I copy paste from my iPhone and this seems to
create the word wrap 

I addressed your poem as per 

Moonlit nightsSunset beaches  Misty morningsSweeping melodiesSmiling  facesGregarious  laughterEyes twinklingStars  shiningWords uplifting Mind  dancing  Rain tinklesSun rises Flowers bloomHeart warmer Soul awakens Oceans roarGod Almighty  

I like your poem very much 
Spiritual and meaningful 
Thoughtful and compassionate 
Keep it up!

Thanks Ilan! I look forward to reading more of your poetry too.


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