Welcome to Member Poetry, I hope you enjoy your time here.


The purpose of this section of the site is for member poets to share their work.

Comments are welcome, but we do expect they will be constructive in content, and positive in tone. 

As my dear departed brother Ern used to say "if you don't have something nice to say it's best to say nothing at all."


If you would like to share your poetry on the site without receiving comments, or with comments that you moderate, then the best thing to do is share your poems as a blog post, or even just link to them on your own site. 



There are just a few points of moderation.



  • Just one poem a day please.
  • No offensive poetry.
  • No sexist poetry.



When commenting please bear in mind that someone sharing their creative work may be greatly affected by what you say. So in addition to common sense and sensitivity, there are a few tests you should apply to your comment:

  1. Would the writer who received these comments feel encouraged?
  2. Would other writers feel encouraged to share their work? Or worried at the comments they might get?
  3. How would I feel if someone made a comment like that on my work?

Yes it's an affirming love-in and that's how we like it.  


What happens next?

If material has been posted that doesn't meet with the moderation policy the contributor will get a firm but polite email requesting that posts and comments be made in line with these rules.

In egregious cases the contributor may be asked to remove poems and comments from the site.  And no-one enjoys that moment, except me. 

Repeat offenders might like to consider if this is the right site for them. I'll help them with that consideration too.

That's how I roll. 


Current category moderators:

Comments welcome. Add yours below.

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No need, He's a nonentity who's disappeared. If you google David Wakeling,you find a lot of interesting people, none of whom seem to be the type who would troll Sydney Poetry.


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