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Repeat offenders might like to consider if this is the right site for them. I'll help them with that consideration too.

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Hello, David Wakeling adds comments on a lot of peoples poetry that is far from constructive and or encouraging. Just to let you know.


Dear Ethel and Adrian


You must now be aware of the David Wakeling raining down of detritus limiting the appeal of ‘Poetry Sydney’ and seriously damaging its reputation and long term viability.


After first reading your ‘Welcome’ blurb I thought ‘what a rational and worthy policy of moderation this is, some moderators go mad with power but this all looks eminently sensible’.


Sadly, I appear to have been mistaken. Your inaction over the offensive ravings of David Wakeling makes a mockery of your fine words. Your apparent reluctance to ‘moderate’ Wakeling suggests that you agree and support his on-going rain of insults or, at the very least; you are asleep at the switch. When did post facto moderation become no moderation at all?


How can any member have a trust relationship with ‘Poetry Sydney’ for as long as you, the moderators, allow David Wakeling to rave on unrestrained?


Why you are willing to accept his comment of ‘Rubbish’ when describing the work of a poet, this is not a constructive criticism.


Why you are willing to accept his comment of ‘Wog’ this is a racial slur.


Why you are willing to accept his comment of ‘Liar’ this is an egregious insult.


In the recent past I have encouraged several people to join ‘Poetry Sydney’. To those that have joined I have now suggested that they do not add their work to this site for as long as David Wakeling remains a destructive member.


To those people that I have encouraged to join, that have not done so I have suggested that they do not join ‘Poetry Sydney’. There are many other cyber opportunities, numerous rationally conducted sites on which to display and share cherished work and gain informed and creative comment.


Surely, ‘the moderators’ have questioned David Wakeling’s motives? Why does he attack everything and everybody? Is he simply a saboteur seeking to drive away members?


Does your lack of action over the past weeks suggest that ‘the moderators’, for some bizarre reason of their own, are complicit in this Wakeling campaign of bile. If not, then perhaps now is the time to wake up and throw the switch   on David Wakeling and plunge him into invisible mime.



Dermott Ryder


You have raised some important questions that demand answers.

There must be members who are also be waiting to hear the response from the mediators of the site.

There must be manymore members awaiting a little hush before they place their work on the site.

Being called a fat woman, a liar, a wog, that you have a sicilian curse place upon you, that your mother wears army boots , that your work is rubbish, that his dog speaks better english, and I may have missed a few. Is not a good look.

Thanks Dermott (and others) for alerting us to the behaviour of David Wakeling. He has been banned from the site and his comments removed.

This site is run by unpaid volunteers on a very part-time basis. We simply aren't in a position to monitor the site every day. Nor do we look at every post when we do visit the site. What's become apparent to Ethel and I is that we are reliant on members letting us know about unwanted behaviour.

Having said that the first notice was raised about David's behaviour yesterday morning and he was banned this morning. Once the flag was raised response was fairly prompt.

We realise this may not satisfy the questions raised above, but it is the most we can offer at the moment.

It goes without saying we endorse none of David Wakeling's comments and quite enjoyed booting him from the site.
Correction - there have been several notes alerting me to David Wakeling over the past few days. I simply haven't been monitoring the inbox properly. I've now changed a few things around and messages should be responded to more promptly from now on. My apologies to those memebers (Dermott, KDW, Jewel, William, Richard and Lou) who have been adversely affected.

Thanks Adrian! This happened while I was away and was taken care of by the time I got back, so much appreciated (I found out only because the comment got emailed to me). It gave me a good start for my next improv - and a lot of support from the audience I am happy to say.

Cheers, Lou Steer

Thanks now we can all breathe easy

Dear Ethel and Adrian


Thank You Both.


… And thank you, team of volunteers.


Dermott Ryder

Yes, thanks.

I think it is good to see some people standing up for pure common decency.

As for David, perhaps he has just experienced some poetic justice!



The Siege


When the clock struck 13

We knew we were lost

Our time was up yet still we must

Hurtle not round and round the clock

But off the face, distracted, disenchanted

To another place – Leningrad.


Herr Blitzkrieg had much to say

 he smiled and sneered as if in play

Yet with the passing of each day -

As if underwater bubbling away

his speech all agarble though lucid

and elegant came all ajargle


German, French, Italian,

Swedish, Hottentot and Cantonese

He was speaking none of these

His prose it soared and dived and blew

Straight through our ears without a clue

Myriad names he dropped and caught

Flashed his chops and dropped us short


By day 3 he told us there’d be 3 more

The gypsy Sailor stamped and swore

One juror fainted hitting the floor

Two passed away –would there be more?

Lord Talon.  Lord Fate. Lord No!


All Hail Lord Fate. Lord Talon.

A holiday declared for all

Nine whole days

The stars align with Her Majesty’s birth

In this way restored our mirth.

The siege delayed upon our senses

After Blitzkrieg left us senseless





Day 4 the jurors cried

No No No more

Though holidays beckon

2 further days our pain wont lessen

Barely can stifle yawns

Before we slump afloor.


Cruel and unusual punishment indeed

We recall on parent’s knee

Better a smack easily forgotten

Than the lecture no easy escape

Of kids and adults good and bad

And tales of Johnny Rotten


Full 3 days more he bored us all

Till the ref cried Halt

Day 4 a call from the floor

Struck him like a lightning bolt

He spoke of wholes and yet was halved

And halved again once more

What was his plan? Who knows?

Eh, What? What did he say again?


He spoke of pockets. Of halves and wholes

Wheels and nights on the town

Of breakfast dinner and lunch

And doing it all again

unknown males demand what

unknown females demand when

a dragon “Puff “ made a guest appearance and

 chased them round and round.


Where 12 had stood to judge 12

ten pondered the fate of 8

Who had supplied? Who had made?

Who had planned what ?

Do Details matter - time and place ?

Or is it all Fate?

Blitzkrieg’s charm had reaped the field

They led 6 down the 7th flew

The 8th released to wander…(to be continued)





Perhaps if David Wakeling has a site people might feel moved to visit it?


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