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  • no more than one poem a day
  • no offensive poetry
  • no sexist poetry
  • no spam

We may need to update these as we go, but it seems like a reasonable start.

If you have posted material that doesn't meet with the moderation policy you will get a polite email asking that you remove it from the site.

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Hello Adrian

I mistakingly posted my poem japanese sex goddess and saw your policy, if offensive how do I delete please

Thank you
Ilan, I've passed your question on to our poetry moderator, and will get back to you. Adrian

If there's a concern Ethel Mildred or myself will get in touch.
Hey Adrian,
This all sounds pretty good. It might be helpful if you could elaborate on what constitutes offensive, as I think we all have quite different ideas - e.g. I don't think a Japanese sex goddess sounds offensive.
I'm very excited that this new section exists - well done man!
Heh – well let me just say (having dealt with some demeaning and sexist poetry) "you know it when you see it."
Definitely. As a radical feminist, I can guarantee you that I'll jump down anyone's throat at the slightest hint of such rubbish. In a diplomatic and polite way, of course :)
Hey, so I am a 22 year old Uni student who enjoys writing immensely, and has for years contemplated going to readings/spoken word events, etc, but havent had the confidence or opportunity much. Would really apreciate any avenue where i could pursue more of this as the sharing of writing in general seems pretty limited (even though many of my friends do write!)
anyhow, i live close to central station and would love to know if there is anything out there!

Hey Bec,


Consider submitting your best work to The Raggamuffin, an online journal a friend and I have started! Our link for more info:




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