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http://hazel-black.tumblr.com This is my poetry.

http://themonumentswebuild.blogspot.com/ is occasional poetry, general thoughts and quotes that i enjoy

http://writewritewrong.blogspot.com/ is a newer effort (one post so far) where I hope to publish essays and/or writing about writing

Hi - my blog - Sleepwriting - is a place I play in occasionally. Poetry, prose and a touch of commentary on books I have read.


My blog is called Poetic Justice. It's mostly musings with a few poems and short stories thrown in. The blog lives at http://cascade-poeticjustice.blogspot.com.au/



My blog is called BOLD MONKEY and I focus on posting reviews and interviews of cutting-edge writers of underground shit. Check it out here: http://georgedanderson.blogspot.com  If you have a new book which is interesting, innovative and real send a hard copy my way and I'll have a serious look at it.


I'm an imposter. Actually I'm a Himeji-poet (formally & formerly from Adelaide) who passed through Sydney once & performed at Sappho. Here's my blog with occasional poems & regular unashamed self-promotion. (Who i

else is gonna do it for me?)



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